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Saturday, October 14th, 2006
2:31 pm
my problem
isn't this how the saying goes:

keep your boyfriends close...

...but your ex-boyfriends closer.

orrr not. maybe that is my problem.

i need to do something about this.

Current Mood: lonely
Friday, August 18th, 2006
3:09 am
myspace lovin
ok so i kno its been a while... blah blah blah

i just got this message on myspace and i had to share cuz i literally laughed out loud for like 10 minutes.
"I love your pics, specially the one you have your boot facing the camara, they look inrisitables.

I love dacing hardcore at the club until 3 in the morning, I love huging, having sex, having fun, smelling bodies, I love kissing and move alone.

halla me


*umm boot? idk... maybe he's thinking boobs but had a little typo? anyway, if it were boobs... don't my boobs face the camera in every pic? who knos... apparently whatever it is its " inrisitables"
*good thing he told me he loves having sex... i def want to get on top of that! and smelling bodies... ok i mean, different strokes different folks i guess.
*ok jonathan, i will make sure to "halla" you

and earlier today i got a message from a 43 year old man saying: hi hun nice love bubs

oh man... i love myspace.

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, July 1st, 2006
3:53 pm
...ridin dirtyyyyyy in my malibu
so i finally got my new car today! i got a 2006 black malibu and it is SWEET. luckily my dad knows how to banter (is that the right word??) with car dealers so he hooked me up... he ended up getting me a power sunroof and some sort of protective services (some sort of wax protection, seat spill protection, all that shit... idk what they're called) all added on for only like $200 extra. pluuuuus my mom works for general motors so i was able to get GMS savings and GM points from using her credit card. i mean, the car is still a shitload of money but i did get some good deals. i'm so stoked... and hopefully i will get it before i have to head back to mass on tues! i want it rite now.

in other news, i had the most amazing surprise yesterday nite when i got home. me and jeff pulled in the driveway and i saw this car with kentucky plates. i knew rite away that it was ricky! see, me and ricky grew up together. he lived 2 houses down from me my whole life and we were exactly 3 days apart. seriously i have so many memories with this kid... we played super nintendo (beat the ninja turtles game like every day), played on the swing set, went swimming, went out with each others families... for christ sake, we used to show each other our "private parts" behind his pool when we were like in kindergarten. so one day his family had to move down to kentucky for his dads job. they literally packed up and left. i never really got to say good bye to them. so anyway, we pull in and there he is hanging out in my house with my mom and dad. it was so good to see him! we just talked for about an hour or so then he came with me to the bar where all my friends were. he knos daniela and brianna from fredonia so i think they were happy to see him too. i miss looking down the street and being able to see him and his family. so yea, needless to say it was a good nite.

ok im gonna go read some physio... don't be too jealous!

ciao lovers

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
12:58 am
dreas back... tell a friend
sooo it's 1am... and i have PPP lab tomorrow at 8am. as it is i have anxiety and shake all throughout lab which means i prob should be getting some sleep. no big deal that i'm still awake and not resting up for it. oh well... rob reminded me of lj today so i feel compelled to write in here. oh and the caffeine from that medium caramel swirl iced latte isn't helping me fall asleep any time soon either.

i'm still in worcester. the city still sucks and its my friends that still keep my head high. we move into our house in a couple weeks. i can hardly wait to be living on our own in our gorgeous house. i just PRAY that i don't get the office as my bedroom. its so tiny... i've already had to deal with a small room this year. not to mention, its the ONLY room on the 1st floor so needless to say, i'm going to be scared about 99% of the time. i am such a baby... YES I'M STILL SLIGHTLY SCARED OF BEING ALONE IN THE DARK. there i said it. basically, if i get that room there is going to be some serious night light installation on the 1st first floor. that's all i have to say about that one.

in other news, i went home last weekend and am almost completely positive that i will be going home again this weekend. last weekend was a good time. i went downtown with my lovers. at soho some guy bit me on the neck... that was cool. i didn't kno i went to the same bar that vamprires frequented. as soon as it happened i was like "woah woah woah, ummm vampy... uhh you just BIT MY NECK" and then i quickly scurried back off to find my gfs. yea it was intersting to say the least. i hung out with sean on sunday nite. it was so nice to see my oswego buddy. no, not THE buddy that made me pass out in the shower, but you kno what i mean... my oswego FRIEND. we drank out on my deck and talked forever. he's a great guy and he saved my life that one fateful BSR that i decided to pass out alone, at 1030, on top of the picnic table outside of the sub shop. wow classy to the max rite there.

anyhoo, the president randomly decided that we will have no classes on friday and monday in addition to the 4th off. so that means we have a 5 day weekend which also means that i will be hitting the ROC up again. tomorrow nite me and the girls are going to spend the nite at danielles beach house in CT... then friday i will hitch a ride with my favorite guy in the whole entire world. his apt is like 20 minutes from danielles beach house so how could i NOT go home? hopefully i will look at cars this weekend and get something. my dad wants me to get a huyndai...not a big fan. except i do like the tiburon, which my dad was actually pushing me to get... but that is so not practical for what i need. i wanted a saturn ion but of course the one with the features i want are all out of stock in the area... so things are looking towards the malibu or pontiac G6. i'll take almost anything except the cobalt... those cars are so fucking gay. JUST KIDDING IF ANYONE READING THIS HAS ONE... IN THAT CASE I REALLY LOVE THEM.

sooo today was justins bday... i grew some serious balls and decided to text him a happy birthday message [yes, the balls i grew were only so big... not big enough for a call]. about 3 minutes later my phone is ringing and its him! i was like shitting my pants but i answered it. of course he didn't have my phone number stored in his phone seeing as how the last time we talked was ohhh like a year ago. so anyways, he didn't recognize the number and he called me back to see who it was. well at first i felt like an asshole but then we got to talking. it was a great conversation. there were no dull moments and we laughed the whole time. i told him stories and he told me stories... it reminded me of when we first started dating and would talk on the phone forever. we talked for 40 minutes and it was good to catch up. i kno things will never be the same but it was nice to talk to him again. so yea, i was happy that the conversation went well. i would like to keep in contact with him and try to be friends. i mean, if me and steve can be friends then i don't see why me and justin can't be friends as well. so yea, that's my story for today.

i'm gonna try to keep this thing updated. i prob will slack a little seeing as how we have a test like every 3 days. so yea... i'm gonna try this whole sleep thing so i'm not passing out in lab tomorrow. altho, i just might pass out due to fear cuz that is the scariest class i have ever attended my whole college career.

good nite my lovasssssss

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
9:59 pm
summer in the city...
wow... i seriosuly have neglected my poor lj and i feel bad about it. don't worry baby journal, momma will not leave you wet and unfed again.

anyways, so i just started my summer semester at MCP in massachusetts. i freakin hate this city. the bars are expensive, the guys are lame, and i have no car so i am stranded in my dorm the majority of my life. i'm so depressed. its summer... i should be laying out on my hammock getting a real tan, taking my dogs for walks, going to the beach, having lunch on park ave, going to parties and outdoor bars, going rollerblading, playing tennis... but i am not doing any of these activities. i'm usually so active in the summer and i get healthy but this summer is going to suck. i'm going to be fat and pale and there goes all chances of having justin ever love me again. um did i say that out loud? yea that's another time. i just want to go home and relax in the lazy days of summer. not until 10 more weeks.

in addition to being sad about having a shitty summer, all my favorite people graduated from oswego this weekend. of course, i was stranded without a car in mass and i couldn't make it up there for one of the last times to party with the whole crew. i was emotional... i shed some tears from the comfort of my tiny dorm room. i wasn't even the one graduating. i can't explain it but oswego is the best place on earth. it is ALWAYS a good time there regardless of what we were doing. i have so many memories there and i just wish i could be making more. sophomore year was the most fun year of my life... the guys suites were next door and across the hall. there was always something going on and always someone to hang out with. a party every weekend in one of our rooms... we played moose like it was our job and we encouraged everyone to throw their beer cans towards our bathroom when they were finished with them. it was a good idea until the next morning when we had empty beer cans, and some half full ones spilling onto the floor. i'll never forget the bonfires down by the lake... esp the one when we got in a fight with some girl. we even went back to the dorms to change out of our flip flops and into sneakers to "kick some ass" haha. after that i had my visits when i didn't go there anymore. they were always greatly anticipated not only by myself but by all my friends as well. some of the best visits happened this year with my classy bitches and favorite boys. not to mention countless BSRs and harborfests were the best times of our lives. harborfest 04 at the tallman house was AMAZING and we can't forget harborfest 06 at w3rd. omg i love oswego. i wish we could all just live in oswego and never grow up. we could all get "real jobs" and go out to the townie bars with the greatest specials, know everyone, and get chinese food after the bars like usual. oh oswego, i will never forget all the good times we had. i heart you.

and speaking of, i just had BSR 06 a couple weekends ago. good freakin times. i went up thurs. well before i went up i hung out with rob for a little bit, had some fun, and went on my merry way. once in oswego, i made the girls dinner and just chilled with my classy bitches. we made our tshirts for the BSR which read "save water, drink beer" kinda like the tshirt in the all american rejects video. we went to the sting that nite. it was hurricane katrina-ish weather but that was not gonna stop us from going to the bar. luckily the girls live 3 houses from the sting. once there, i saw scott iriwin... oh fun. as soon as i walked upstairs the whole hockey team goes "PEEEEEEBAAA, hey its peba!!" oh lovely... just the fuckers i wanted to see. i tried to avoid them but it was jsut not possible. later in the nite scott comes up to me with a new "freshmen rookie" and proceeds to tell him that we were really good friends freshmen year (yea, i was really good friends with your penis but that's about it). scott was gay and so was the freshman... shocker, they're both hockey players. the nite ended at the infamous chinese place. me and kate played with the babies... they were playing with a plastic bag. safe huh?

fri nite was BSR... o m g. i love bridge street run. we started drinkin some burrs on the porch around 4pm (good idea). eventually we headed to marys house and we drank a little more there. we were all so pumped... the weather held out for us and it was a really nice day. we got to the first bar at 430 right before the crowd hit. it was hotter than hell and my hair was up at the first bar. i'm glad i spent time on straightening it. we proceeded to go from bar to bar. by garys (the 4th bar i think) we were already a little tipsy. good thing we pregamed. the shitshow was starting. kate got kicked out of steamers cuz first we ventured into the kitchen trying to find the bathroom... when we were asked to leave kate tried to slip an employee $20 to let her use the bathroom that was barricaded off from the runners. so needless to say, they kicked her out. we were forced to use the porta potty outside/pee behind a dumpster. at this point we met up with lyndz which was amazing. beasus and ramona reunion. i can't even recall the details of what happened next. all i kno is that this is where we started to get lost. i went into old city with lyndsey and had no clue where everyone else was. we ended up at the girls house to get some food to eat. after we headed to the shed to spend the next 5 hours or so there. jenny had a cling on and we couldn't get rid of him. unfortunately she didn't rememeber him at all the next day even tho every time we stepped onto the dance floor he was grinding with her. we did many laps around the bar and saw lots of people. i saw sean there... my i-town buddy! i met some kid named adam who was cool. he texts me every now and then. he was from rochester... what a small world. lyndsey tried to steal peoples food. she made me almost piss my pants. my favorite time was when these boys were eating their food on the other side of a bush. lyndsey leapt thru/over the bushes faster than i have ever seen the girl move. she grabbed some of the boys food, shoved it in her mouth, and lept back thru the bushes. the boys moved away... i think she scared them. all i kno is that me and mary were like peeing our pants after what we just witnessed. i ended up walking home with kate... we made some stops to fast track and bought the biggest waters ever. we ended the nite eating sub shop and chit chatting with my lovers. the whole nite danard kept saying how he was going to have sex with me. he kept telling me how horny he was and how much he wanted to have sex again. UMMM needless to say, i ended up sleeping in kates bed. i'm sorry, you go have sex with my old roommate and expect to have sex with me again? i don't think so... you dirty boy.

sat me and the girls woke up and went to a party at 99 fif ave. the party was thrown by brookstein and all his crazy friends. at first i wasn't drinking because i was planning on going home. i just watched the boys do running keg stands and be wild like they usually are. at one point we were waiting for someone to do their keg stand but all of a sudden this boy strips off his clothes and attempted to do a naked one. no one caught him cuz they weren't ready and he ended up plowing over the keg... almost looked like he was gonna hump the thing. it was hilarious. as he headed back to his pile of clothes near the road a freakin cop drove by. this boy was naked and his ass was facing the street... the cop saw and didn't do anything. only in oswego. after a while i decided to stay in oswego for the nite to hang out with the crew for one last time. i decided i needed to catch up drinking wise. luckily someone had a funnel dun dun dun. me and kate funneled like it was our job. needless to say, i got pretty drunk pretty fast. we left party and ate a nice dinner with the crew. on the way home we needed to get beer sooo we went to byrne dairy. when we got to the cooler there was no keystone left. how sad. ah but don't you worry. kate noticed that they had some in the back room... so like any normal person, she climbed THRU THE COOLER. i'm talking, she opened the door, crawled thru the bottom shelf and into the back room. she grabbed the 30 pack and crawled back out. expect nothing less from us girls. later in the nite we headed to cassies house cuz they were having a party. we played many games of asshole in cassies room and then decided that we needed to go to the bars. i think joeysco drove us, but i am not too sure. we all had tylers sweatshirts on from earlier in the day and proceeded to wear them out to the bars like they were going out clothes. it was a real fun laid back nite. i saw john aka chip at taildraggers. he was lookin good mm mmmm. the next day i had to leave at like 9am. i was so sad... i never wanted to leave oswego.

and now here i am... i suppose i should go learn my top 50 drugs. i just can't remember the strengths and typical dosing frequency! too many numbers. hopefully i will know them for tomorrow.

alrite i'm off to go study with the girls. wow this ended up being a lot longer than i had anticipated. oh well, thats what happens when i start talking about oswego.

peace out lovas

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
10:54 am
Let's start drinking at 4pm
God damn, i love oswego so much. i went up there last nite and of course it was a mother fuckin shitshow.

so i get there around 2 or so. the girls are still bumming around from the nite before and we sit and talk. danard and matt were there... which was slightly uncomfortable since amy is now hooking up with danard. i mean, idc cuz me and him were so long ago but i sill felt very uncomfortable in the situatuation. oh well... finally we get this brilliant idea to head to the shed for this "party" that j-man was having there. apparently, brookstein bought a keg and if you paid $1 you got a glass you could take home with unlimited refills (until the keg was kicked) and a CD he made (with his rap called "anal bloodbath part 1 & 2"). seriously, this kid is crazy and that's why we love him. anyways, this party starts at 4 at the bar. we head over and immediately start drinking. we don't care that is 4 in the fucking afternoon. the beers were going down like water and i had to keep a steady pace so i didn't have a repeat of last time i went to visit (ahem, passing out at 11pm).

I saw a bunch of people that i haven't seen in a coons age. I mean, i haven't seen Brookstein in forever so it was awesome to see him. Andrew was there... that was cool to see him. Um yea there was just a lot of people. J-man had a "Raffle" in which he was raffling away a box of wine. Well "somehow" he won but it was cool cuz he brought the bag around to everyone for a little sippy sip. he then decides that he wants to do a wine stand in the middle of the bar and tells me to just hold the bag near his head. Two guys grab his legs, i position myself close to the ground and there he is doing a wine stand in the middle of the bar. He even lifted one arm up and it looked like he was breakdancing. Oh Brookstein... next thing i kno its a little later in the nite. The effects of the beer are starting to take their toll on me and i'm feeling slightly tipsy. J-man decides he wants to slide along the bar like it's a slip n slide. So we clear all of the glasses, pitchers, and whatnot off. He thinks he can land on his feet. The first time was not a success. He belly flopped onto the floor. He decided to try again and failed for the second time. i think he hurt himself. It was hilarious to watch. The next couple hours consisted of redbull and vodkas, more than 3 pitchers (it was 830 pm, 3 people bought the 5 of us girls pitchers. Talk about a shitshow in the making), jagerbombs, dominating the music machine, and talking to the most random people. Jenny kept saying the word urethra. She didn't refer to her vagina as a vag, crotch, vig, poonani, whatever... it was always her "urethra". Who does that? haha for example, Amy spilled beer ALL OVER the table and it got all on jennys lap so she says "i think my urethra peed". We were hungry so we got food there and i fed some of mine to J-man. Later in the nite, me and Cass decided that we were still hungry and we wanted to head to mcdonalds across the street. I kept calling it 'michael mcdonalds' but jenny corrected me saying that it was 'donald mcdonalds' we were both wrong but who cared at that point... we wanted some $1 menu. me and cassie secretely left, crossed the 5 way intersection without even looking and headed into mcdonalds. we only spent $2.16 and it was the best $2.16 i have ever spent. i asked the man working if he wanted something to eat but he just got flustered and said no. party pooper.

after satisfying our food craving and cassie withdrawling $0 from the ATM, we headed back to the bar. At this point we have prob been drinking for 5 or 6 hours. Jenny is obsessed with using this washcloth that she got from the bartender to wipe up any spill she can possibly find. She is also throwing cherries, lemons, and limes across the bar to jill who is trying to catch them in her mouth. I knock Jennys complimentary glass out of her hand and it shatters... luckily she had that washcloth to semi clean up. mary my love came and we did jagerbombs and all that good stuff. kier and alyssa came and we all decided to pile into kiers little VW golf. Cass and alyssa have to squeeze in the trunk while 6 of us cram into the front. in the process, jenny falls on her ass between the cars and somehow loses her belt on the ground. mary is saying that kate has a bloody nose and i am literalyl holding my crotch not to pee my pants. we head to the other bars closer to the girls house.

i don't remember details from this point in the nite but i am very proud because i actually DO remember things. kate went MIA for a little while. i found her talking to some dumb military men at the raven. i head over to the brick where the guys are so get my 'tasty' LI. freakin every sip is like a shot. best deal you'll ever get for $3 despite the strong liquor taste. i ran into so many people and it made my nite to see everyone. i spent the next hour or so running from the raven, to grendles, to the brick and chit chatting with everyone along the way. supposedly kate got into a arguement with some sorrority girls and wanted to fight them. she hardly remembers this. jenny begins freaking out about her belt and her and amy drive back to the shed to find it. it was the nite for losing things i'll tell ya that much.

we ended the nite at taildraggers. jenny was so wasted... throwing beer around and getting it on people. it was great to watch. jenny and kate do not remember anything at this point in the nite. i met a bunch of fun guys. one was slightly sketch tho... i also saw john (a guy i've hooked up with before) at the bar too. after dancing and some more drinking (cuz obviously we needed it) we decide to leave since its 2am and we've been drinking since 4 in the afternoon. sketch walked me home. it was freezing and i didn't care... plus cassie was with me and i kno she wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.

i think this is point in the nite when everyone realized that they had lost things. kate was missing her cell phone and car keys while jenny had now lost her bangles. they are freaking out and i don't blame them. cassie is trying to get sketch to go to his friends house (which is also her mutual friend). he keeps trying to get me to kiss him as we are freezing our asses off on the street corner. jenny is determined to find her bangles and she comes storming back. me, sketch, and jenny retrace her steps and try to get back into the bars even tho they are closed. i found a digital camera in the snow which had pics of a man in his boxer briefs on it. he was hott tho i'll give him that. no luck with finding the bracelets so we head back to the girls house... sketch wants to use the girls bathroom so i let him and then give him the boot. jenny, kate, cassie, amy, matt, danard and myself are all back home safely. we all hang out in kates room and its a shitshow.

kate is stripping in front of everyone including the guys who are pretty much like our brothers (well more like matt is, danard... not so much). jenny is body slamming everyone on kates bed with kate in it esp me. it was the fucking wwe in oswego. kate is freaking out about her cell phone and unfortunately it died early in the nite so we can't even hear it ring if we call it. we order dominos cheesy bread and a pizza with freakin everything on it. i decide to text john to see what he's doing. i try to tell him to come over. he says he will be over shortly. matt is passed out on the couch at this point but i need the pull out couch to sleep on so me and jenny drag him into kates bed to sleep with her for the nite. jenny says the funniest thing. she wanted him to take his jeans and watch off for who knos what reason... then she goes "you have to take your jeans off. you have to let your little angel breathe" haha. fucking hilarious... who says little angel? john finally gets there and everyone heads to bed. yea fun times i tell ya.

every second we were laughing (well except when people realized that they had lost things). Jenny found her jacket and belt and kate found her keys. the bangles and the cell phone are long gone i think. poor girls. we seriously talked about the previous nite the whole day and laughed forever. i almost peed my urethra talking about it i swear! we got some breakfast at dunkin donuts which took like 15 minutes to order but it was well worth it. we listened to anal bloodbath part 1 and almost gagged cuz 1. we were hung over and 2. its prob he grossest thing i have ever listened to. later in the day we visited mary and erin. their apt is super cute even tho the consensus is that its designed for midgets. we just talked and laughed and reminisced about the nite before. good freakin times... i LOVE that place.

and the moral of the story is: don't start drinking at 4pm and drink for 12 hours straight. oh and a side note, we are the classiest bitches around...


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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
6:36 pm
I've never given much thought to the concept of soul mates before i came to MCP. Then i met these blonde hookers. That's what we call ourselves and i'm not too sure why... we are all blonde but not quite hookers. Anyway, i hang out with them like 24/7 and they have engraved this idea into my mind so it's their fault! Anyways, back to this whole soulmates thing. i can't stop thinking about it. So now thanks to them, I really think there is someone out there that is your absolute love match. Actually there is probably a couple that will ALMOST be your complete match but there is only one that is truly your soulmate. I think that when you see/encounter this person you will know deep down inside. It might not be the first thing on your mind but it will be somewhere inside you. So idk where i'm going with this. I just can't stop thinking about it. Idk if you've seen the notebook, but there is some serious soulmate-age in that movie and i LOVE it. Like that is all I want in my life... someone to love me like that. However, i'd rather be alone and not married than stuck with someone who I know is not my soul mate. Seriously. To get things straight, i'm not writing this on myspace because i want an internet bf... cuz personally i don't think anyone will ever find their soulmate over the internet. I just think about these things and wonder what other people think about this idea. But then again... no one will probably respond cuz no one else is prob as crazy as i am over this newfound soulmate concept.

On an unrelated note... let me quickly say: i am first to comment when i think a girl is pretty/cute/whatever. i do not discriminate against any body types or anything cuz i kno i'm not perfect myserlf. if a girl has a pretty face i will say "aww she is cute" if she has big boobs i will say "wow she has big boobs, i am jealous" if she has the perfect body i will say "omg she has an amazing body, i am jealous" but i'm REALLY sick of normal-borderline-not cute girls thinking they are the hottest shit to ever walk on this planet. I know that i am not stick thin and certainly not the most beautiful thing out there... so i don't think i'm hott and they DEF shouldn't either. This is not coming from poor self esteem... i'm just being realistic and i think other people should too. There are just some girls out there that are not cute at all and are like "don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful.... hate me cuz your bf thinks so" come on now. i hate shit like that. A) someones bf prob wouldn't think they were anything special and B) they're more than likely not beautiful. it's ok to joke around every once in a while... whatever it's understandable. but when people are serious about it, it's just annoying. and now that people think i am mean i will go now. ciao ciao.

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Sunday, November 27th, 2005
8:52 pm


Lyndz- idk if you read lj anymore but as soon as i saw this pic i thought that you had to see it.  i found it in pats pictures and i was laughing hysterically for like 30 minutes.  classic shithead moment! so yea i didn't kno how else to show you this haha.  hope you enjoy it as much as i do. love you and miss you xoxo

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Monday, November 7th, 2005
12:08 am
the dennys trend

i was just going thru my pics on my computer and have come to a realization.  there is def a trend occuring:

1. Juan spilled his milkshake at dennys (taken before it happened)

2. vishal had a little party foul at dennys on a separate occasion

3. mike made a mess too on a 3rd occasion


we need to stop going to dennys after the bars.  oh yea and esp since we don't want anyone else getting pulled over by 4 cops on the way there ahem michael.  haha i love my friends here.


but i miss those at home and in oswego :(

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
12:48 am
i guess i'm a maid
ugh my apartment is a disaster.

ok first things first, i am NOT the cleanest person in the world. in fact, i'm pretty damn disgusting when it comes to keeping things clean and organized. however, i think i have found people worse than me. my roommates are great people and they keep themselves clean, but when it comes to making sure our apartment is SANITARY... it's just not good. i have washed the dishes the majority of the time here because they just keep piling up in the sink. that is just nasty. and sweeping our floors? omg who would EVER think to do that? no one. and believe me, our floors get so gross if i don't sweep them i will gag. and if i don't do it, then no one else will do it. i kno my bedroom is messy, but that's mine. the only one that ever sees that is myself so i'm the one who has to deal with it. our living room and kitchen area, that's what people see when they come in and people are probably disgusted. i just wish people could try to keep things cleaner. you kno, you see a dish in the sink... maybe wash it? there's some crumbs on the floor... maybe sweep them up? put a paper towel on the counter... THROW IT OUT? i am hoping things get better because i don't want to be the cleaning nazi of the apartment. altho, i'm sure it's going to come to me hitting the breaking point at some time. time will tell.

things going on in my life:
- i'm homesick
- i'm stressed times 12389823910389120839102
- i just failed my first test in pharmacy school and i'm so upset about it
- i miss a lot of things which i don't feel like naming rite now

ok i should go to bed... good nite

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
3:22 am
i kno i already posted today... deal with it

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  1. tanning:
    fake and bake yeaaaa... i kno it's so bad for you but nothing looks better than a good tan. and no i'm not one of those people that go tanning until their skin is orange and leathery fyi.
  2. dogs:
    Um yup... i LOVE dogs. and when i'm not married and old i will be a dog lady. i've already decided this.
  3. food:
    eating is pretty much one of my most favorite things to do.
  4. guys:
    duh... that's a given. i love the penis.
  5. jason kidd:
    i still love him despite the fact that he is old and a wife beater.
  6. lucky you:
    nope don't really like that purfume anymore. i'm more into ralph by ralph lauren and lacoste touch of pink.
  7. music:
    i'll always love music... all kinds too. i miss playing my flute.
  8. pharmacy:
    hellllllo i'm in pharmacy school i would HOPE i like it! yay i love pills. i changed my myspace background to pills and i think it's real cute.
  9. puma:
    o m g if i could have every puma sneaker in every color i would be the happiest girl alive.
  10. rome:
    I LOVE ITALY. i would love to have a house there. i think i'm going to when i get older. mark my words.

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Current Mood: tired
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
9:03 pm
all i wanna do is marry a pharmacist...
so i've been studying all day and well... i think i'm about to go insane.

so i'm taking a little study break and then im gonna go back in a lil bit.

last nite was a good time. only me, mike, carrie, and dan went out. when we first got to irish times we were sitting around a table and all i could think of how lame the nite was gonna be. next thing i kno we are taking shots and the nite was getting better and better by the minute. i bought us a round of jagerbombs. $30 later we drank them... ya GOOD IDEA IF YOU'RE POOR. oh well... they weren't fucking around with them cuz they were delish. the rest of the nite we played dirty photo hunt and it was so amazing. all four of us as a team kicked major ass. we came home when the bar closed and had fun with all our friends that decided not to go out for the nite. i guess i was loud (what a suprise) cuz many people decided to tell me that they could hear me last nite. oh it was a good time.

sooo this is weird.
there is this guy who graduated from mcp a couple years ago and now he is a pharmacist for CVS. idk what it is but i am completely and totally attracted to him. like i can't get him off my mind and we barely said 2 words to each other. when he was talking to my class at a preceptor lunch we like had serious eye contact. also, when someone else was talking i would scan the room with my eyes i could tell he was looking at me. now he could've been looking at someone else but i'm pretty sure we keep having eye contact. and get this, my mind must've been subconsciously thinking about him cuz i def dreamed about him in a non-stalker way that is. in my dream i was sitting at a table and i thought to myself, i wish i could run into rudy (yes his name is rudy don't mock tho) here. wouldn't you kno, i turn around and he's there.

i'm going to email him soon i think and find out how i can get him to be my preceptor. i'm gonna play it cool and pretend like i have questions for him but really i just wanna get to kno this guy. i'm so attracted to him and idk why. it's weird. oh and ps i swear i'm not a stalker.

ok well it's now about 4 hours after i started this entry. i went and studied with the girls mid-entry. can i just say that i love the fabulous 5 i study with. we gave up well over an hour ago and talked about life. they are so great.

bed time... i will be studying all freakin day long tomorrow. good times.
good nite my loves.

Current Mood: stressed
Monday, October 17th, 2005
1:45 am
Sewer Rat Andrea
Sorry it has been so long... lyndz i will comment on your last entry cuz i have to. but it's 145am and i have class early in the am. i just copied this out of my blog from my myspace page cuz well... shit happens.

"Ok... so my friends from Oswego were up for the weekend and i freakin miss being with them. I would love to drop out of pharmacy school and be with them... but I guess i'll try to get thru school.

Fri nite was amazing. We went to irish times and it was a fucking shitshow. we danced and drank and almost got into a fight with some red headed bitch. those damn red heads... you kno we love them. then, as we were leaving, we heard these beautiful english boys talking with beautiful english accents. next thing i kno, me and mary are in a cab with a couple of them and the other girls are walking to their house with some of the other boys. the nite consisted of one walking around naked, some classiness, and one of my gfs ended up in a closet. it was a fucking shitshow but an amazing nite. we are the definition of classy bitches huh? we traveled to london without even leaving the country!

Sooo fri nite... fucking has been raining in worcester for the past week but we weren't about to let a little rain keep up from going out. we were so chill at the bar... seriosuly didn't think the shitshow was gonna happen. they kicked us out when the bar closed and um it went downhill from there. so i'm like running cuz it's pouring and next thing i kno i'm BELOW STREET LEVEL. the rain in the sewer was overflowing and pushed the manhole cover off from it's spot. i fucking fell into the sewer. all i could think about tho was not losing my sandal. i climbed back out and was a little shook up but it was ok. my friends are running behind me and i was trying to tell them to be careful of the sewer... all of a sudden cass is down in the sewer. seriosuly, the sewer got not only one of us but 2 OF US. cassie busted her leg and i thought she broke it. my arm was seriously bleeding from when i tried to hang on to the street. so i'm like crying cuz the whole situation finally registered with me and i wanted to go back so bad. i just left and started walking back by myself. as if falling down the manhole wasn't bad enough... i got hit by a fucking car when i was crossing the street. they weren't going fast, but i rolled on the hood a little bit. i mean, it's funny now to look back but i fucking lost it. i'm ok today tho. can't straighten my arm but ya kno... it's all good. and it's a pretty funny story to tell i guess looking back at it in retrospect.

so yea... fell down the sewer and got hit by a car in the same nite. what are the freakin chances."

at least i'm able to move my arm today.

pharmacy school sucks. the work is so shitty. at least i have some fun friends tho that like to go out, get wasted, and skip class the next day. there are absolutely no potential bfs here tho i can guarantee you that. all i ever wanted in life was to date a pharmacy student/pharmacist. i guess i'm gonna have to put the moves on my old boss from wegmans. we don't work together anymore and i think he's hott and he just broke up with his gf... HELLO REBOUND. i guess i'm always good at being the rebound girl. too bad it sucks when the guy is still attached to his ex gf but that is another story and i won't get into it anytime soon.

omg guys carry so much emotional baggage it's sick. also, many of the guys at my school are SO DRAMATIC. those damn asian boys. they fall in love with girls that don't love them back and then it like ruins their life. my friends are all personal therapists for one or more of the guys. no one confides in me prob cuz they kno that i'd just tell them to stop being a pussy and move on with their lives. so i don't want a bf until i'm OUT of school. unless the man of my dreams comes along then it's gonna be me and the vibrator. welcome to my depressing life.

ok and on that HAPPY NOTE... i need to go to bed. class early in the am... what am i still doing up?

peace out penisheads.

Current Mood: content
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
10:33 am

Worcester is ok.  Classes start tomorrow and i'm really getting nervous. 

I met some cool people on my floor.  We went out together Fri nite and last nite.  We went to this place called Irish Times and it's a lot of fun there.

We get a free gym membership to this gym that blows Globo gym out of the water.  It's amazing.  I hope i go and don't get fat... i already gained the freshmen 15 once in my life, i don't want it to happen again.

i learned how to make fried rice.

we are swtitching rooms soon after the room freeze is over.  yayy for actually having a place to hang out other than on my bed.

here's my bedroom...

i made it cute but yea i was one of the lucky ones that got a twin bed as opposed to a full/queen size bed.  with the move i will be getting a bigger bed. so yea, that's my room... then picture a room about the same size, maybe a little narrower, connected to it with a full size stove, full refridge, sink, and no drawers. then in the corner there is a tiny tiny table with 2 chairs.  that's my place.  i'm switching and that's that.

i'm done for now.  ciao lovers.

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
6:52 pm
...Friends Only...

SORRY... but due to stalkers I am making this friends only from now on.  If you REALLY want to read about my odd life, then leave a comment and I will add you :)


Monday, January 24th, 2005
10:58 pm
the fever, mcc, random shiiizzzz
ok so jeff sent me a package and i got it today. i almost peed my pants laughing when i got it.

see he always says i have jungle fever cuz i LOVE jason kidd, who is half black. i love will smith and pharell and so on. also i continually tell him how i think this black guy is hott, or how i would do a different one. so yea, he says i got the "fever".

well i opened up the package and inside was a dvd. but not just any dvd, it was the 1991 blockbuster called JUNGLE FEVER! so i'm thinking about watching it someday just to see what it's all about. seriously, where did he find that movie and how did he even kno it existed!

he is funny.

i wish he would be a little more wild tho. sometimes you just gotta let loose. he's soooo conservative and i, well i am far from that. i'll have to break him from his semi-boring routine of life and introduce him to the wild side.

well... today was the first day of classes. parking was horrendous. i was in the boondocks and stupid me wore my tall boots today. so after the 5 mile hike to the building, i went to organic. not bad. this teacher is sooo much more organized and better overall than my old one. i made friends with some kids in the class already, pharmacy majors as well. after that was sign language. SOOO my teacher is culturally deaf meaning she is totally capable of speaking and whatnot, but chooses not to in the classroom. WEIRD. it was just sooo weird to sit in that classroom and have it be totally silent for 50 minutes. she typed to us and tried to use hand gestures. i'm guessing that it will force me to learn faster tho so i'm kinda excited for that. hmm after that was drugs and behavior. ok idk about this class. i'm thinking of dropping it. i don't think the teacher is the brightest crayon in the crayon box. she read the syllabus WORD for WORD and very slowly. then she wrote on the board, "tell me why YOUR taking this class". hmm isn't that supposed to be you're? i mean, yea i kno, we all make mistakes, but she is a college professor and that is one of the most simplest rules of the english language. she's just not fully there. i think she's been dabbling in the drugs a little too much herself. but i feel bad if i drop it. cuz we had to a partner activity and OF COURSE I WAS THE ODD ONE OUT. so she was my partner and she was really nice. so idk. i'm torn. if i drop it i will only have 3 classes but luckily, i will still have 12 credits cuz my math and chem classes are so full of credit. oh idk. it seems like an intersting class, but it reminded me a lot of my 10th grade health class. gonna think about it tonite. anyhoo, after that was calc. YESS TOTAL SAUSAGE FEST! i love being one of the only girls in that class. i made friends with this kid who is also in my organic class; i'm so gonna get him to help me out. we will be tight i'm tellin ya. um let's see, there was this incredibly hott kid and then he smiled.... and he was wearing a retainer. hey, he has good teeth so that's awesome. it just shocked me, that's all. my teacher is crazy but i kinda like his craziness. i better like him cuz i'm always at office hours for calc... so yea, i'm gonna be seeing a lot of him. and that was my day.

oh i'm sickened by myself cuz i have never consumed so much chocolate in one day. you don't even want to kno how much. i think i'm gonna throw up chocolate soon, not even joking. LAY OFF ME. I'M IN HEAT! (please tell me you saw that friend show on MTV when the girl said she was in heat?? cuz that was like the only funny part) hahahaha god i'm sick.

well i'm beat... i'm gonna hit the sack soon.

good nite my little scarecrows. haha lyndz "hey those are my panties, you... SCARECROW!"

Current Mood: weird
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
11:34 pm
Scruvey Survey
01. What is the middle name of the first person you ever slept with?
matthew... weird cuz i had a dream about him last nite

02. What kind of underwear are you wearing and what color?
if you MUST kno, a floral print grandma styled panty (or i'm wearing a red thong with a couple tiny silver hearts on it)

03. What is the song you want played at your funeral?
hmm slightly morbid

04. What is the phone number of your sluttiest friend so some of the single people can get some action?
i'm prob the sluttiest out of all my friends... yikes. i've gotten better tho and also some people are scared to even look at a penis sooo... there ya go.
05. What would your last meal be before getting executed?
again, slightly morbid... but since it deals with food i'm gonna answer. maybe some surf and turf. like seafood central meaning tons of shrimp, crab, and maybe lobster? i'd eat it just cuz it's expensive and i could.

06. Beatles or Stones?

07. If you had to pick one person on earth who should die, who would it be?
osama bin laden for what he has put our country thru

08. Beer, wine or hard liquor?
miller lite... no my jug of wine... no no liquor. fuck, i'm an alcoholic. i'll take it all.

09. What is the thing most important to you about the opposite sex?
i need a guy that can make me laugh like every second and is NOT conceited.

10. What are your plans for the future?
be a pharmacist, get married, have 4 children, travel the world

11. If you could have any super power what would it be?
i wanna fly

12. Favorite hangover cure?
water and sleeping till like 1 or 2

13. How many drinks does it take to get you drunk?
prob like 5 i'm good and drunk

14. Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

15. Hair color you most like someone you're dating to have?
brown hair... altho i seem to get all blondes lately.

16. If you had to be blind or deaf?
Deaf... at least you get to experience colors and beautiful sights.

17. Do you have any psychiatric problems?
i think i need to talk to a shirnk, but hey, who doesn't?

18. Siblings that should go to rehab?
my sister is good for the most part

19. Least favorite month?
november, ew so gross and boring.

20. Favorite hateful thing to do to someone?
say something that i kno will hurt them but make it look unintentional.

21. First movie you can remember seeing as a kid?
the little mermaid! aww i wanted to be ariel

22. Favorite person in the whole world?
idk... seriously i don't have a FAVORITE. but i kinda like myself a lot?

23. When's the last time you went on a date?
hmm i went to the hockey game with jeff a couple weekends ago, does that count?

24. Do you like violent movies or dirty movies?
dirty... i'll pass on the violence.

25. Fall or spring?
Spring cuz that means SUMMER IS SOON

26. Person you most wish you hadn't made out with?
the 30 year old french canadian on my 20th bday? yea, he was kinda old and only knew 5 english words.

27. If you are straight, what person of the same sex would you do it with?
daniela would do it with ellen, i would prob have to say... veronica from road rules. shut up she's hot.

28. Where do you want to live when you are old and brittle?
down south, away from the snow. maybe one of the carolinas?

39. Who is the person you can count on most?
my mom and myself

30. If you could date any celebrity past or present, if time and age are not factors, who would it be?
brad pitt... hey he's single now! or james dean. man was he a hottie.

31. What books have you pretended you've read?
umm none?

32. What's a word you would use to describe your life?

33. Favorite drinking game?
MOOSE!!!! omg best game ever. if you want to kno how to play just ask me.

34. What did you dream last night?
weird... i looked up justins roomate jay on facebook so i could find justins dorm room (even tho i've never even seen jay in my entire life) and i went in there and had to change my shirt cuz i wanted some seirous cleavage for justin to see and see what he's missing. so i changed in front of them and i kept changing my shirt cuz i knew they were looking at my boobs. and justin wanted me back and we were together again. but that is beside the point.

35. Favorite vices?
pounding beers even if they taste awful so i can get drunk faster.

36. What is the last thing you'd ever tell someone?
that they're ugly... cuz that is just plain mean. ok so i told amy casamento that when she kept "prank calling me" she is gay tho

MCfuckinC back in action tomorrow. gonna get goin to bed.

i hope there's some hotties in my classes.


Current Mood: tired
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
8:17 pm
Such a Sucker for a Sweet Talker

i just ordered a ton of AE clothes...

see i got an email saying: free shipping blah blah blah. so i was like ok i'll get stuff cuz shipping is gonna be free. otherwise i wouldn't have gotten anything.

i picked out everything i wanted and put in the discount code. it said ONLY free shipping on orders more than $75.

i was pissed.

but i still bought everything anyways.

i am such a sucker for buying things online.


next are my sweet pumas. wanna see? ok.

i like the tiny italy flag on the back and the red/white/green lace... holders(?)  plus that blue color is the color of the italian soccer team.  hmm i do love italy.


and now it's time for me to put some muisc on and dance around like ellen degeneres does.  that commercial where she dances seriously gets me pumped. one person that loves ellen the most is daniela, that's why i created this (p.s. still needs more work; this is just a rough draft)

daniela loves herCollapse )

Current Mood: retarded

Friday, January 21st, 2005
9:54 pm
Snow storm 2005... buffalo style
i'm in blo rite now cuz tomorrow i will be taking my PCATs for the SECOND time. i suck at taking tests and idk why i put myself thru this torture... but i think i can do even better than before (despite my lack of studying). oh major p.s. BUFFALO IS GETTING A SNOW STORM TOMORROW AND I HAVE TO NAVIGATE MY WAY FROM MY AUNTS HOUSE TO THE COLLEGE IN A FREAKIN BLIZZARD. lucky me. let's hope i get there in time to take my test.

i can't sign on to instant messenger and it's driving me crazy. i am going thru aim withdrawl.

i miss jeffrey.

anyhoo... danielas birthday celebration is next weekend and i am soooo excited. it's been so long since i've had some good old fashioned college partying. it's gonna be insane, i just kno it. i got daniela some wonderous things for her bday and i kno she will LOOOOVE them. i like buying other people presents.

speaking of presnts, jeff keeps telling me that he bought me something and is sending it to me? i guess popcorn shrimp but he said no and then i guessed a pinecone and he still said no. i wonder what it could be. he is so thoughtful. did i mention that he is making me a huuuuge valentines day dinner? o wait, yea i think i said that already.

the cutest little nun came into the pharmacy today and i helped her out A LOT. things weren't ready, i had to talk to people about her rx's, etc. so i get everything straightened out but wasn't able to ring her out (prob cuz i was on the phone with an insurance comp seeing as how i was on the phone with one or another the whole freakin day) well she told one of the girls that i was a huge help and she was so thankful. i'm hoping that from that sitaution i'm on God's good side. i need all the help i can get.

ok well i'm gonna try to dl aim somehow without messing up my aunts computer.

ciao ciao

Current Mood: nervous
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
10:43 pm
the world owes me so fuck you
To start things off, i am majorly excited with the great finds i got at the thrift store today:
- a puma shirt, a really cute one for $1.50
- 3 little gold sparkly star candles for 80 cents (the starts look wonderful in my already starry room)
- a nalgene bottle for... GET THIS... 50 cents. honestly idc if someone rubbed their pubic hair all over it, it is majorly washable and a great deal.
- pink and black streamers for daniela bday celebration (i will discuss this more in later entries prob) for like 60 cents each and "happy 1st birthday" party hats for like 80 cents which bri and i have already decided we will change to happy "21st" birthday.

(i failed to mention the time before that i went to the VOA in greece and picked up a green day CD in perfect condition... dookie to be exact for $2. i kno you're prob thinking, OMG ANDREA DIDN'T HAVE THE DOOKIE CD!!! SHAME ON HER. well i really did have it, but it was never the official cd. it was a burned one. i kno, i'm a joke of a green day fan. OR I'M NOT AND I LOVE THEM AND I'VE SEEN THEM 3 TIMES IN CONCERT AND MET THEM TWICE so shut up. cuz i like them, a lot.)

and that's some money well spent at the VOA. Let me recap my day. It was amazing. I hiked all the way out to bport for a nice lunch courtsey of kristin. The drive was bad cuz the snow was a little OOC. So i get to kristins apt and she made us mac n cheese and these chicken sandwhiches. omg sooo good. we ate and then ran some errands. we hit up the thirft store, which is like my favorite place now. then she helped me with my pharmacy admission essay seeing as how she is gonna be an english major. then i headed home, ran some errands, picked my phone up from dLo's house and finally got home around 6:30. i've watched gallons of tv tonite (which sickens me, but there were some good shows on tonite) and now here i am. i'm about to go thru all my makeup and give my cosmetic case a make over.

oh btw, i am dead serious. for my birthday (august 23rd, mark it on the calanders) i want to go to los angeles CA and be a part of the price is right audience. i want to get tons and tons of people to go so the chances of having someone we kno go on would be even higher! so you should all come and bring your friends. it will be crazy. and then we will be able to say that we knew someone on the PIR. think about it.

then that weekend i will go out to bars and get crazy drunk, cuz i will legally be able to do so. that's all.

have a nice nite/day whatever it is.


Current Mood: indescribable
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