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myspace lovin

ok so i kno its been a while... blah blah blah

i just got this message on myspace and i had to share cuz i literally laughed out loud for like 10 minutes.
"I love your pics, specially the one you have your boot facing the camara, they look inrisitables.

I love dacing hardcore at the club until 3 in the morning, I love huging, having sex, having fun, smelling bodies, I love kissing and move alone.

halla me


*umm boot? idk... maybe he's thinking boobs but had a little typo? anyway, if it were boobs... don't my boobs face the camera in every pic? who knos... apparently whatever it is its " inrisitables"
*good thing he told me he loves having sex... i def want to get on top of that! and smelling bodies... ok i mean, different strokes different folks i guess.
*ok jonathan, i will make sure to "halla" you

and earlier today i got a message from a 43 year old man saying: hi hun nice love bubs

oh man... i love myspace.
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