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Sewer Rat Andrea

Sorry it has been so long... lyndz i will comment on your last entry cuz i have to. but it's 145am and i have class early in the am. i just copied this out of my blog from my myspace page cuz well... shit happens.

"Ok... so my friends from Oswego were up for the weekend and i freakin miss being with them. I would love to drop out of pharmacy school and be with them... but I guess i'll try to get thru school.

Fri nite was amazing. We went to irish times and it was a fucking shitshow. we danced and drank and almost got into a fight with some red headed bitch. those damn red heads... you kno we love them. then, as we were leaving, we heard these beautiful english boys talking with beautiful english accents. next thing i kno, me and mary are in a cab with a couple of them and the other girls are walking to their house with some of the other boys. the nite consisted of one walking around naked, some classiness, and one of my gfs ended up in a closet. it was a fucking shitshow but an amazing nite. we are the definition of classy bitches huh? we traveled to london without even leaving the country!

Sooo fri nite... fucking has been raining in worcester for the past week but we weren't about to let a little rain keep up from going out. we were so chill at the bar... seriosuly didn't think the shitshow was gonna happen. they kicked us out when the bar closed and um it went downhill from there. so i'm like running cuz it's pouring and next thing i kno i'm BELOW STREET LEVEL. the rain in the sewer was overflowing and pushed the manhole cover off from it's spot. i fucking fell into the sewer. all i could think about tho was not losing my sandal. i climbed back out and was a little shook up but it was ok. my friends are running behind me and i was trying to tell them to be careful of the sewer... all of a sudden cass is down in the sewer. seriosuly, the sewer got not only one of us but 2 OF US. cassie busted her leg and i thought she broke it. my arm was seriously bleeding from when i tried to hang on to the street. so i'm like crying cuz the whole situation finally registered with me and i wanted to go back so bad. i just left and started walking back by myself. as if falling down the manhole wasn't bad enough... i got hit by a fucking car when i was crossing the street. they weren't going fast, but i rolled on the hood a little bit. i mean, it's funny now to look back but i fucking lost it. i'm ok today tho. can't straighten my arm but ya kno... it's all good. and it's a pretty funny story to tell i guess looking back at it in retrospect.

so yea... fell down the sewer and got hit by a car in the same nite. what are the freakin chances."

at least i'm able to move my arm today.

pharmacy school sucks. the work is so shitty. at least i have some fun friends tho that like to go out, get wasted, and skip class the next day. there are absolutely no potential bfs here tho i can guarantee you that. all i ever wanted in life was to date a pharmacy student/pharmacist. i guess i'm gonna have to put the moves on my old boss from wegmans. we don't work together anymore and i think he's hott and he just broke up with his gf... HELLO REBOUND. i guess i'm always good at being the rebound girl. too bad it sucks when the guy is still attached to his ex gf but that is another story and i won't get into it anytime soon.

omg guys carry so much emotional baggage it's sick. also, many of the guys at my school are SO DRAMATIC. those damn asian boys. they fall in love with girls that don't love them back and then it like ruins their life. my friends are all personal therapists for one or more of the guys. no one confides in me prob cuz they kno that i'd just tell them to stop being a pussy and move on with their lives. so i don't want a bf until i'm OUT of school. unless the man of my dreams comes along then it's gonna be me and the vibrator. welcome to my depressing life.

ok and on that HAPPY NOTE... i need to go to bed. class early in the am... what am i still doing up?

peace out penisheads.
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