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i guess i'm a maid

ugh my apartment is a disaster.

ok first things first, i am NOT the cleanest person in the world. in fact, i'm pretty damn disgusting when it comes to keeping things clean and organized. however, i think i have found people worse than me. my roommates are great people and they keep themselves clean, but when it comes to making sure our apartment is SANITARY... it's just not good. i have washed the dishes the majority of the time here because they just keep piling up in the sink. that is just nasty. and sweeping our floors? omg who would EVER think to do that? no one. and believe me, our floors get so gross if i don't sweep them i will gag. and if i don't do it, then no one else will do it. i kno my bedroom is messy, but that's mine. the only one that ever sees that is myself so i'm the one who has to deal with it. our living room and kitchen area, that's what people see when they come in and people are probably disgusted. i just wish people could try to keep things cleaner. you kno, you see a dish in the sink... maybe wash it? there's some crumbs on the floor... maybe sweep them up? put a paper towel on the counter... THROW IT OUT? i am hoping things get better because i don't want to be the cleaning nazi of the apartment. altho, i'm sure it's going to come to me hitting the breaking point at some time. time will tell.

things going on in my life:
- i'm homesick
- i'm stressed times 12389823910389120839102
- i just failed my first test in pharmacy school and i'm so upset about it
- i miss a lot of things which i don't feel like naming rite now

ok i should go to bed... good nite
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