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Let's start drinking at 4pm

God damn, i love oswego so much. i went up there last nite and of course it was a mother fuckin shitshow.

so i get there around 2 or so. the girls are still bumming around from the nite before and we sit and talk. danard and matt were there... which was slightly uncomfortable since amy is now hooking up with danard. i mean, idc cuz me and him were so long ago but i sill felt very uncomfortable in the situatuation. oh well... finally we get this brilliant idea to head to the shed for this "party" that j-man was having there. apparently, brookstein bought a keg and if you paid $1 you got a glass you could take home with unlimited refills (until the keg was kicked) and a CD he made (with his rap called "anal bloodbath part 1 & 2"). seriously, this kid is crazy and that's why we love him. anyways, this party starts at 4 at the bar. we head over and immediately start drinking. we don't care that is 4 in the fucking afternoon. the beers were going down like water and i had to keep a steady pace so i didn't have a repeat of last time i went to visit (ahem, passing out at 11pm).

I saw a bunch of people that i haven't seen in a coons age. I mean, i haven't seen Brookstein in forever so it was awesome to see him. Andrew was there... that was cool to see him. Um yea there was just a lot of people. J-man had a "Raffle" in which he was raffling away a box of wine. Well "somehow" he won but it was cool cuz he brought the bag around to everyone for a little sippy sip. he then decides that he wants to do a wine stand in the middle of the bar and tells me to just hold the bag near his head. Two guys grab his legs, i position myself close to the ground and there he is doing a wine stand in the middle of the bar. He even lifted one arm up and it looked like he was breakdancing. Oh Brookstein... next thing i kno its a little later in the nite. The effects of the beer are starting to take their toll on me and i'm feeling slightly tipsy. J-man decides he wants to slide along the bar like it's a slip n slide. So we clear all of the glasses, pitchers, and whatnot off. He thinks he can land on his feet. The first time was not a success. He belly flopped onto the floor. He decided to try again and failed for the second time. i think he hurt himself. It was hilarious to watch. The next couple hours consisted of redbull and vodkas, more than 3 pitchers (it was 830 pm, 3 people bought the 5 of us girls pitchers. Talk about a shitshow in the making), jagerbombs, dominating the music machine, and talking to the most random people. Jenny kept saying the word urethra. She didn't refer to her vagina as a vag, crotch, vig, poonani, whatever... it was always her "urethra". Who does that? haha for example, Amy spilled beer ALL OVER the table and it got all on jennys lap so she says "i think my urethra peed". We were hungry so we got food there and i fed some of mine to J-man. Later in the nite, me and Cass decided that we were still hungry and we wanted to head to mcdonalds across the street. I kept calling it 'michael mcdonalds' but jenny corrected me saying that it was 'donald mcdonalds' we were both wrong but who cared at that point... we wanted some $1 menu. me and cassie secretely left, crossed the 5 way intersection without even looking and headed into mcdonalds. we only spent $2.16 and it was the best $2.16 i have ever spent. i asked the man working if he wanted something to eat but he just got flustered and said no. party pooper.

after satisfying our food craving and cassie withdrawling $0 from the ATM, we headed back to the bar. At this point we have prob been drinking for 5 or 6 hours. Jenny is obsessed with using this washcloth that she got from the bartender to wipe up any spill she can possibly find. She is also throwing cherries, lemons, and limes across the bar to jill who is trying to catch them in her mouth. I knock Jennys complimentary glass out of her hand and it shatters... luckily she had that washcloth to semi clean up. mary my love came and we did jagerbombs and all that good stuff. kier and alyssa came and we all decided to pile into kiers little VW golf. Cass and alyssa have to squeeze in the trunk while 6 of us cram into the front. in the process, jenny falls on her ass between the cars and somehow loses her belt on the ground. mary is saying that kate has a bloody nose and i am literalyl holding my crotch not to pee my pants. we head to the other bars closer to the girls house.

i don't remember details from this point in the nite but i am very proud because i actually DO remember things. kate went MIA for a little while. i found her talking to some dumb military men at the raven. i head over to the brick where the guys are so get my 'tasty' LI. freakin every sip is like a shot. best deal you'll ever get for $3 despite the strong liquor taste. i ran into so many people and it made my nite to see everyone. i spent the next hour or so running from the raven, to grendles, to the brick and chit chatting with everyone along the way. supposedly kate got into a arguement with some sorrority girls and wanted to fight them. she hardly remembers this. jenny begins freaking out about her belt and her and amy drive back to the shed to find it. it was the nite for losing things i'll tell ya that much.

we ended the nite at taildraggers. jenny was so wasted... throwing beer around and getting it on people. it was great to watch. jenny and kate do not remember anything at this point in the nite. i met a bunch of fun guys. one was slightly sketch tho... i also saw john (a guy i've hooked up with before) at the bar too. after dancing and some more drinking (cuz obviously we needed it) we decide to leave since its 2am and we've been drinking since 4 in the afternoon. sketch walked me home. it was freezing and i didn't care... plus cassie was with me and i kno she wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.

i think this is point in the nite when everyone realized that they had lost things. kate was missing her cell phone and car keys while jenny had now lost her bangles. they are freaking out and i don't blame them. cassie is trying to get sketch to go to his friends house (which is also her mutual friend). he keeps trying to get me to kiss him as we are freezing our asses off on the street corner. jenny is determined to find her bangles and she comes storming back. me, sketch, and jenny retrace her steps and try to get back into the bars even tho they are closed. i found a digital camera in the snow which had pics of a man in his boxer briefs on it. he was hott tho i'll give him that. no luck with finding the bracelets so we head back to the girls house... sketch wants to use the girls bathroom so i let him and then give him the boot. jenny, kate, cassie, amy, matt, danard and myself are all back home safely. we all hang out in kates room and its a shitshow.

kate is stripping in front of everyone including the guys who are pretty much like our brothers (well more like matt is, danard... not so much). jenny is body slamming everyone on kates bed with kate in it esp me. it was the fucking wwe in oswego. kate is freaking out about her cell phone and unfortunately it died early in the nite so we can't even hear it ring if we call it. we order dominos cheesy bread and a pizza with freakin everything on it. i decide to text john to see what he's doing. i try to tell him to come over. he says he will be over shortly. matt is passed out on the couch at this point but i need the pull out couch to sleep on so me and jenny drag him into kates bed to sleep with her for the nite. jenny says the funniest thing. she wanted him to take his jeans and watch off for who knos what reason... then she goes "you have to take your jeans off. you have to let your little angel breathe" haha. fucking hilarious... who says little angel? john finally gets there and everyone heads to bed. yea fun times i tell ya.

every second we were laughing (well except when people realized that they had lost things). Jenny found her jacket and belt and kate found her keys. the bangles and the cell phone are long gone i think. poor girls. we seriously talked about the previous nite the whole day and laughed forever. i almost peed my urethra talking about it i swear! we got some breakfast at dunkin donuts which took like 15 minutes to order but it was well worth it. we listened to anal bloodbath part 1 and almost gagged cuz 1. we were hung over and 2. its prob he grossest thing i have ever listened to. later in the day we visited mary and erin. their apt is super cute even tho the consensus is that its designed for midgets. we just talked and laughed and reminisced about the nite before. good freakin times... i LOVE that place.

and the moral of the story is: don't start drinking at 4pm and drink for 12 hours straight. oh and a side note, we are the classiest bitches around...

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