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dreas back... tell a friend

sooo it's 1am... and i have PPP lab tomorrow at 8am. as it is i have anxiety and shake all throughout lab which means i prob should be getting some sleep. no big deal that i'm still awake and not resting up for it. oh well... rob reminded me of lj today so i feel compelled to write in here. oh and the caffeine from that medium caramel swirl iced latte isn't helping me fall asleep any time soon either.

i'm still in worcester. the city still sucks and its my friends that still keep my head high. we move into our house in a couple weeks. i can hardly wait to be living on our own in our gorgeous house. i just PRAY that i don't get the office as my bedroom. its so tiny... i've already had to deal with a small room this year. not to mention, its the ONLY room on the 1st floor so needless to say, i'm going to be scared about 99% of the time. i am such a baby... YES I'M STILL SLIGHTLY SCARED OF BEING ALONE IN THE DARK. there i said it. basically, if i get that room there is going to be some serious night light installation on the 1st first floor. that's all i have to say about that one.

in other news, i went home last weekend and am almost completely positive that i will be going home again this weekend. last weekend was a good time. i went downtown with my lovers. at soho some guy bit me on the neck... that was cool. i didn't kno i went to the same bar that vamprires frequented. as soon as it happened i was like "woah woah woah, ummm vampy... uhh you just BIT MY NECK" and then i quickly scurried back off to find my gfs. yea it was intersting to say the least. i hung out with sean on sunday nite. it was so nice to see my oswego buddy. no, not THE buddy that made me pass out in the shower, but you kno what i mean... my oswego FRIEND. we drank out on my deck and talked forever. he's a great guy and he saved my life that one fateful BSR that i decided to pass out alone, at 1030, on top of the picnic table outside of the sub shop. wow classy to the max rite there.

anyhoo, the president randomly decided that we will have no classes on friday and monday in addition to the 4th off. so that means we have a 5 day weekend which also means that i will be hitting the ROC up again. tomorrow nite me and the girls are going to spend the nite at danielles beach house in CT... then friday i will hitch a ride with my favorite guy in the whole entire world. his apt is like 20 minutes from danielles beach house so how could i NOT go home? hopefully i will look at cars this weekend and get something. my dad wants me to get a huyndai...not a big fan. except i do like the tiburon, which my dad was actually pushing me to get... but that is so not practical for what i need. i wanted a saturn ion but of course the one with the features i want are all out of stock in the area... so things are looking towards the malibu or pontiac G6. i'll take almost anything except the cobalt... those cars are so fucking gay. JUST KIDDING IF ANYONE READING THIS HAS ONE... IN THAT CASE I REALLY LOVE THEM.

sooo today was justins bday... i grew some serious balls and decided to text him a happy birthday message [yes, the balls i grew were only so big... not big enough for a call]. about 3 minutes later my phone is ringing and its him! i was like shitting my pants but i answered it. of course he didn't have my phone number stored in his phone seeing as how the last time we talked was ohhh like a year ago. so anyways, he didn't recognize the number and he called me back to see who it was. well at first i felt like an asshole but then we got to talking. it was a great conversation. there were no dull moments and we laughed the whole time. i told him stories and he told me stories... it reminded me of when we first started dating and would talk on the phone forever. we talked for 40 minutes and it was good to catch up. i kno things will never be the same but it was nice to talk to him again. so yea, i was happy that the conversation went well. i would like to keep in contact with him and try to be friends. i mean, if me and steve can be friends then i don't see why me and justin can't be friends as well. so yea, that's my story for today.

i'm gonna try to keep this thing updated. i prob will slack a little seeing as how we have a test like every 3 days. so yea... i'm gonna try this whole sleep thing so i'm not passing out in lab tomorrow. altho, i just might pass out due to fear cuz that is the scariest class i have ever attended my whole college career.

good nite my lovasssssss
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